A Sundaresan

Elected Fellow IASc: 2020 (Chemistry)

School of Advanced Materials, Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur P.O., Bangalore 560064

A Sundaresan

Session 1C Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Magnetoelectrics and multiferroics

My primary research interest is on solid-state chemistry, which involves studying the synthesis, structure, and, more importantly, the solid’s physical properties such as superconductivity, magnetism, and magnetoelectricity. This study enables us to establish a structure-property relationship and hence design materials of interest. My research currently focuses on understanding various mechanisms of linear magnetoelectricity and multiferroicity towards finding new magnetoelectric materials with large magnetoelectric coupling at room temperature. In my talk, first, I will provide an overview of my research and then focus on current research strategies.

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