Vibhor Singh

IISc Bangalore

Vibhor Singh

Session 1D

Symposium: “Quantum Technology” organized by Urbasi Sinha and Vibhor Singh

Electromechanical device with a transmon qubit

Control over the quantum states of a massive oscillator is important for several technological applications and to test the fundamental limits of quantum mechanics.  Recently, hybrid electromechanical systems using superconducting qubits, based  on electric-charge mediated coupling, have been quite successful in this regard.  In this talk, I shall introduce a hybrid device, consisting of a superconducting transmon qubit and a mechanical resonator coupled using the magnetic-flux.  Such coupling stems from the quantum-interference of the superconducting phase across the tunnel junctions. Consequently, we detect thermomechanical motion using drive corresponding to average occupancy of less than one photon.  In addition, the large coupling between qubit and mechanical resonator is manifested in the observation of the Landau–Zener–Stückelberg effect.

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